Thursday, July 7, 2016

Reference letter requirements

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If any of my ex-students wish me to write your reference letter, please send me the following, if applicable.


1.       Diploma with merit

2.       Transcripts with your grades

3.       Certificates of commendation

4.       CCA records

5.       ITP comments

6.       Any other documents to help in your letter



Friday, July 1, 2016

Top Universities & Scholarship Fair

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The STRAITS TIME RECRUIT TOP UNIVERSITIES & SCHOLARSHIPS FAIR 2016 will be held at Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre on 24 July 2016 (Sunday).  Admission is free.


If you are planning to apply for undergraduate scholarships, please make time to visit the Fair, attend the seminar talks and purposefully engage with the university reps.  You will be able to gather invaluable information on scholarships and university admission tips at this Fair.


To register and begin your scholarship hunt, please click on the link below and then on the image:








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